AT&T Go Phones Prepaid Cell Phones

ATT is one of the best known telecom companies and now you can take advantage of their superior netowrk with out any contracts. AT&T Wireless prepaid GO Phone plans offer these great features;

  • Up to $50 airtime included on select phones.
  • Unlimited Talk and Text to anyone nationwide on Simple Rate Plan.*
  • Includes unlimited text to over 100 countries worldwide.
  • Prepaid without compromise on the network you can trust.
  • No annual contract. No credit check.
  • Rollover® Balance™ lets you carry over your unused account balance when you refill before your balance expires, up to the account maximum.
  • No long distance or roaming fees across our national service area.
  • UNLIMITED Text Messaging and Nights & Weekends with Data options on select plans. View Pay As You Go feature package details.

*Feature package requires Simple Rate Plan. Standard rates apply if package not renewed (25c/min).

Name of Plan Anytime Minutes Daily Access Fee* Mobile to Mobile Minutes Nationwide Long Distance Rollover® Balance Additional Features

$3 Unlimited Calling Plan
$.00 per minute $3.00 per day, ONLY on days you use your phone Unlimited Included Included View Details

$1 Mobile to Mobile Plan
$.10 per minute $1.00 per day, ONLY on days you use your phone Unlimited Included Included View Details

$.25 Simple Plan
$.25 per minute N/A Included Included View Details

$60 Unlimited Talk and Text Feature Package on the Simple Rate Plan***
$.00 per minute N/A Unlimited Included Included View Details

* View full details here.

Refill your AT&T Go Phone with recharge minutes.

You can recharge your ATT Go Phone online, with recharge cards or activate Auto-Refill. You can purchase Go Phone recharge cards at local retailers of buy recharge online here

ATT Prepaid Refill Card Amounts and Expirations

Card Denomination Expiration Period
$15 30 days
$25 90 days
$50 90 days
$60 90 days
$100 365 days

To enroll in the ATT auto recharge program click here to register your phone

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