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Globe Toll Free U.S. Phone Number

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

If your roaming in the United States with a Globe cell phone you can now call Globe customer support at their toll free number. This is great! The Globe toll free US phone number is 1-877-64-GLOBE (1-877-644-5623).

Globe challenges Smart’s speed test claim

Sunday, November 15th, 2009

The mobile broadband war is getting more intense as the two mobile services rivals try to claim ownership of having the fastest mobile broadband service.

Smart Communications started to run an advertisement claiming that its SmartBro wireless broadband service is the fastest, based on a public field test conducted by a company called PSRC (Philippine Survey and Research Center).

The SmartBro TV commercial showed a celebrity host testing a SmartBro kit and a second kit that is blurred on screen, apparently the unit from rival Globe. The host utilized the popular bandwidth testing site SpeedTest.Net, with the results showing SmartBro as the fastest.

However, rival Globe Telecom, which owns the Globe Tattoo brand, questioned the credibility of Smart’s claims saying that their rival’s test was full of fallacies as it used one website for measurement. In a press conference, Globe’s network engineers claimed that SpeedTest.Net only captures the “burst speed” of the network being tested during a certain period, but not the actual total speed within a sustained period.

Broadband and Landline Group Marketing Head Mari Litonjua added that Smart’s test was only within one place. To counter this claim Litonjua said they wanted an independent review and tapped telecommunications system integrator NESIC Philippines to conduct a series of tests using Globe Tattoo and SmartBro.

They also included a competing kit from Sun’s own wireless broadband service but only for Metro Manila where the service is only available.

Instead of just using, Litonjua showed they also used a speed testing software called Netpersec and a second speed testing website,

“We don’t want do the test in one place just like they did. So we tested it in several areas,” Litonjua said, noting that these areas were chosen at random and based on foot traffic.

As the NESIC results showed, Globe Tattoo outmatched SmartBro in all of the tests. Only Sun Cellular’s wireless broadband performed nearly the same as Globe Tattoo, and it also outgunned SmartBro.

The NESIC test, however, did not include a prolonged time-based test, which could also affect the kit’s bandwidth. There are external, uncontrolled factors that can affect bandwidth speed, even in high-signal locations. One of these include the number of mobile phone and wireless broaband users in a given area who are connecting at the same time.

Still, Litonjua stressed that the purpose of the test was to get the most comprehensive measurement and make people aware of the claims. “What’s important is user experience and we’re trying to address that.”

SmartBro has over 500,000 users in the Philippines. Globe claims that it has over 110,000 wireless broadband subscribers, the majority of which are from its Globe Tattoo service.

Smart has yet to respond to Globe’s test results.

via Globe challenges Smart’s speed test claim –, Philippine News for Filipinos.

Smarts 30th Anniversary Party

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

I love the photo booth at the Smart 30th Anniversary Party. Check out these photos.


Smart Customer Service Now on Twitter

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

Smart Customer Support on Twitter

Smart Communications now has a twitter account to deal with customer service issues. This is a great development as it will now allow you to quickly post or DM questions rite to Smart. Twitter allows you to follow the Smart twitter feed. This will deliver all the latest Smart news and updates rite to you instantly.

If you are roaming and need to activate your Smart SIM this may be just the ticket for you. Take a look at Smarts twitter page here

Globes New Tattoo Prepaid SIM Cards

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

Globe Telecom Launched 4 new Prepaid SIM cards called Tattoo. The new cards simplify the globe Prepaid SIM card options in the Philippines.

The Tattoo SIM cards come in 4 flavors. There is one prepaid SIM card for Calls, text and internet, and 3 different SIM options for calling and texting with no internet. The call and text SIM is available in P100, P300, and P500. In addition to this simplified offering Globe also redesigned the graphics on the SIM cards.

Recharging load on these new SIMs works the same as the previous Globe SIM cards. Learn more here »

Tattoo Prepaid Text, Call and Internet SIM

Globe Tattoo SIM CardGLobe Tattoo SIM Card

Globe Tattoo SIM CardGlobe Telecom Tattoo SIM Card

Tattoo Prepaid Text and Call SIM

globe-tattoo-sim-card-05Globe Tattoo Prepaid SIM P300 call, text.Globe Tattoo Prepaid SIM P500 call, text.

Read more about the Tattoo SIM cards here »