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Aryty offers a free Sun Load to anyone that signs up for a free trial of their service. Its open to users outside the Philippines and only for people that are not already signed up for their service. Here are instructins on how to get Free Sun load with

Instructions For Free Sun Load with

  1. Visit at
  2. Submit a Philippine mobile phone number  you would like to load.
  3. Enter your information and click “Continue”.
  4. You will receive Activation Code via SMS on your phone.
  5. Enter the activation code on the site and click “Send”. Done.

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Get Free Sun Load at

If you are in the Philippines is a great way to get free Sun load. They will give you a Free Sun load each time you tell 8 friends about their web site and those friends sign up.

How to Get Free Sun Load With

  1. Register as a member in After your successful registration, go to the “Pop Quiz for Free Load” Event Page.
  2. You may join the promotion within 24 hours of your registration.
  3. Answer the Pop Question.
  4. If you provide the correct answer, you will be prompted to enter your mobile number.
  5. A PIN code will be sent to the mobile number you entered. Please wait at least 3-4 hours for the PIN code.
  6. Enter the PIN code in the “Pop Quiz for Free Load” Event Page. Once the PIN is confirmed, Load Credits or E-Money will be sent to you. The PIN code should be confirmed within five (5) days upon receipt, otherwise the Load Credits or E-Money will be forfeited.

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How to Get Free Sun Load with

  1. Log on to
  2. Enter the Globe Smart or Sun phone number to load
  3. Enter your email information
  4. Select any friends you would like to tell about
  5. Find an offer you like and complete it
  6. When eloadfree get confirmation of your completed offer they will load your phone

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