Buying Smart Load

There are many ways to buy Load for your Smart phone. Buying load online is the best option while traveling abroad with your Smart phone. When in the Philippines it is often very convenient to buy load from a Sari-sari. Smart recharge load cards are not as convenient as buying load online but if you do not have online access it may be one of the best options.

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Loading Your Smart SIM Card Online

As always our preferred method of loading a prepaid Smart SIM card is to do it online. Online load recharging is faster and simpler then buying a physical card. The purchasing of load and the loading of your cell phone all happens on line and in the cases it happens the instant you make your purchase. Loading your sim online is this easy;

  1. Log on to an online retailer Example: or
  2. Enter the phone number to be loaded.
  3. Select an amount to load.
  4. Enter you payment information and your done.

After submitting your info your phone will receive a text message confirming that the load has arrived.

Activating your Smart SIM Card

If you are in the Philippines all you need to do is put the Smart SIM into your phone and it should be ready to go. If you need to put some extra load on it you can buy a Smart Buddy card from a store or you can get some free load at

In the US you will need to make sure your SIM has at least p100 of load on it and is activated fro roaming. If you are unsure if your SIM is activated fro roaming you can contact Smart customer support here. If your SIM is ready for roaming simply put it into your unlocked cell phone and you should be all set to make calls and text. To find your Smart phone number go to the settings menu > phone status > own number or my telephone number. The menu names will vary from phone to phone but your phone should have something similar to these.

How to Turn off Smart Roaming

When you get back to the Philippines there is no need to have your Smart Buddy SIM activated for roaming. Deactivating roaming is very simple. Text ROAM OFF to 333 to take the phone off of roaming.

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