Reactivating Your Globe SIM For Roaming

It happens to many people. You buy your Globe SIM card in the Philippines and forget to activate it for roaming. Then when you leave the Philippines you can’t use your SIM card until you activate it for roaming. Sometimes you have activated your Globe SIM card for roaming but it gets deactivated due to a low balance or inactivity.

Not to worry its pretty easy to activate you Globe SIM card for roaming even when you are not in the Philippines.

Activating Your SIM for Romaing from Outside the Philippines

There are two ways to activate your Globe SIM for roaming when your outside the Philippines. You must contact Globe customer support by email for by phone. In both situations you will need to provide the Globe cell phone number that you would like activated for roaming. Make sure you have at least P100 on the SIM before you try to activate it. The Globe customer support agent can tell you what you balance is but you can always simply add some load to the account using an online service like

Contact Globe by Phone

  • From a landline or local cell phone dial +6327301212.

Contact Globe by Email

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  1. shirley marimon says:

    Dear Globe,
    I have a Globe roaming Sim Card #XXXXXXXXXX which i bought in Philippines, it is always my daughters in Philippines who will reload that #, i got so busy with my new job that i forgot about my cellphone & found out that it lost its signal i thought to be just internet broken down coz of tornado occurrence in my area, daughter in Philippines send P100 load & it is not received because my phone has no signal, could you help me about this? Is there a possibility that my Sim Card be activated? Pls help!!! Do you have a tel # in the US where i could reach you?

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