Paying Your Globe Bill

Filipinos like to talk on their phones, they like to text even more. All that calling and texting leads to phone bills and phones that need to be recharged with load. Here is how to pay your Globe cell phone bill. Remember to always pay Globe bills so you can keep using your phone.

Globe offers different options to settle your bills at your own convenience.

Pay your Globe bill with G-CASH

To pay your bills, just text the following:
Syntax:  BILLPAY<space>AMOUNT<space>4-digit PIN<space>GPLAN<space>ACCOUNT NUMBER and send to 2882.
Example: BILLPAY 500 1234 GPLAN 12345678
Reminder: Only a registered GCASH subscriber can pay bills using GCASH wallet.

Globe Over the Counter Bill Payments

Apart from Globe Telecom and Innove business centers, over the counter bank payments for Handyphone and/or Innove phone lines are already accepted in the following banking institutions:

  • Allied Bank
  • Allied Savings Bank (Makati, Mindoro Oriental, Batangas, Cavite, Laguna & Cubao Branches only)
  • Asiatrust Bank
  • Banco de Oro
  • BPI
  • Chinatrust Bank
  • East-West Bank
  • EquitablePCIBank
  • GE Money Bank
  • Network Bank
  • Planters Bank
  • PNB
  • RCBC
  • Robinsons Savings Bank
  • Security Bank (every Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at the following branches: Angeles, Balut, BF Paranaque, Cebu Business Park, Congressional, Lucena, Malolos, Meycauayan, Pandacan, Pateros, Sucat, Zamboanga)

GT (Globe Telecom) Business Centers accepts credit card installment payments for Globe Handyphone POSTPAID BILLS only. Partner credit cards for this initiative are as follows:

  • BPI Cards (Express Credit / Edge Credit Card)
  • Diners Club & Security Bank Master Card
  • Metrobank Cards & PS Bank Cards
  • Bankard (MasterCard, Visa, JCB & myDream
  • Standard Chartered Bank Cards

Globe Credit Card and Auto Charge Facility

Reminder: To ensure of your credit card accounts, you need to enroll your Globe Handyphone Accounts in the auto-charge facilities of your respective credits cards before Auto-charge can be used.
*Application is subject to approval.

Please call our 24-Hour Call-In Service or send us an e-mail to get a copy of Auto-Charge Enrollment Form:
For Globe Mobile Phone subscribers, you may reach us through:

  • 211 from Globe mobile phone (toll-free)
  • 730-1000 via landline

For Globe Landline and Globe Broadband subscribers, you may reach us through:

  • 19-8888 via landline

You may also visit our nearest Business Centers/Globe Payments Center to enroll your Credit Card to Auto-Charge Facility.

Credit cards honored for auto-charge facility:

  • American Express
  • AIG Visa / Mastercard
  • BPI Express Credit Card
  • BPI Edge Credit Card
  • Citibank Visa / Mastercard
  • Dinners Club
  • Equitable Visa / Mastercard / JCB
  • Standard Chartered Visa / MasterCard
  • Metrobank
  • UnionBank
  • Includes all other international and locally-issued Visa/Mastercard

Globe Bill Payment Over the Phone

If you have accounts under the banks listed below, and are enrolled under their respective phone banking facilities, you may also enjoy the convenience of payment over the phone.

  • BPI Express Phone
  • Citibank Fastlink
  • HSBC Phonebanking Service
  • BDO

Pay Globe Bills Online

Avoid the long lines when paying your Globe Handyphone Bills. Log-in to this site and use Globe’s online bills payment facility. You may also visit the websites listed to pay your bills today!

Globe Bill Pay with ATM Facilities

Subscribers may use their ATM accounts to pay for bills. ATM’s accepting payments are as follows:

  • Bancnet
  • Megalink
  • BPI Express Teller
  • UnionBank Union Teller

Globe Text & Charge Bill Pay Service

This is a payment channel made available to Globe Postpaid subscriber wherein subscribers are given facility to register payments through text messages and current bill dues may then be charged to any of these credit cards:

  • Master Card
  • Visa
  • JCB

How to use Text and Charge:

  1. Register your local VISA, Master Card or JBC card (Equitable Cards i.e. Visa / Master Card / JCB / AMEX, are not accept).
    Text PLANREG (card number) (expiry date: MMYY) (birthdate:MMDDYYYY) (mother’s maiden name) send to 2201
    Ex. PLANREG 1111222233334444 1205 03181970 Velasco
  2. You will receive a four-character password
  3. Now you can start paying your own bill or your loved one’s bills.

To pay for your own bill:
Send PLANPAY (Password) (Last three digits at the back of the card) (amount) send to 2201. Ex. PLANPAY ab12 836 1543.33

Globe Bill Pay FAQ

What does Monthly Service Fee (MSF) cover?

Your monthly service fee includes your assigned number of free minutes and free text messages, depending on your plan.
Your free minutes cover local calls you make from your Handyphone to another Globe Handyphone, to other cellular phones and landline within the same service area.
Free text allocation across all plans includes messages sent from your Globe Handyphone to another Globe Handyphone and to other cellular phones. Text messages sent to a foreign GSM phone, however, are not included in this allocation.

How do I know how many minutes and text messages from my free monthly allocation were used?

The Total Minutes of your local calls can be found in “Details of Voice Calls”. If this is greater than the allocated free minutes of your plan, it means that all free minutes were used during that specific month. If it is lower, the Total Minutes is equal to the number of free minutes used.
The Total Messages Sent can be found in “Text Charges”. If this is greater than the allocated free text messages of your plan, it means that all free texts were used during that specific month. If it is lower, the Total Messages Sent is equal to the number of free texts used.

What are NDD charges and where will I see this?

NDD calls include all calls outside the local service area where the call was made. You will be charged an off-peak or peak rate depending on the time of your call.

How much will I pay for an IDD call?

IDD calls are calls made from the Philippines to other countries(excluding satellite calls, e.g., Inmarsat & Iridium). Your IDD calls are subject to a rate of US$ 0.3636 per minute. Charging, however, is based on every 6 second-pulse, i.e., for every 6-second talk time, you are charged US$0.03636.
The total IDD amount is converted to the peso equivalent of the exchange rate prevailing when the call was made, plus 10% Overseas Communication Tax (OVCOM Tax).
Sample Computation:
· A call is made from Manila to Hong Kong for 3 mins. and 30 seconds (there are five 6-second pulses in 30 seconds).
· Exchange rate = P52.00
1. (3 mins x $ 0.3636) + (5 x US$ .03636) = $ 1.2726
2. $ 1.2726 x P 52.00 = P 66.18
3. P 66.18 + 10% OVCOM = P 72.80.
(This is the total amount you will pay for the call.)
Charges per minute may vary from month to month, depending on the peso-dollar exchange rate.

What is CERA?

Currency Exchange Rate Adjustment (CERA) is granted by the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) to automatically adjust local exchange rates due to upward or downward movement of the peso against the dollar. This is computed according to a formula provided by the NTC, and changes depending on the peso-dollar exchange rate.

What are the charges subject to VAT and OVCOM?

A 12% Value Added Tax (VAT) will be charged on your monthly rental fees, all your local and NDD calls, text messages, voice mail calls, CERA, and charges/surcharges on roaming calls.

A 10% Overseas Communication (OVCOM) Tax will be charged on all IDD calls made from the Philippines, international texts and all incoming roaming calls.

7.  How will I be charged for my first bill?
Your first bill contains advanced MSF equivalent to one month and the pro-rated MSF amount.
Pro-rated amount is computed as follows:
Pro-rated MSF
=(No. of days in a mo. – Date of Activation + 1) x (Plan MSF)
No. of days in a month
Pro-rated Free Minutes
= (No. of days covered in a given month + 1) x (Free Minutes)
No. of days in a given month
Sample Computation
· New account under G-Talk Plan (MSF= Php 902.00 & Free Minutes = 210)
· Date of Activation (May 17) and Cut-off Date (May 25)
1. Pro-rated MSF = (31-17+1)(902)/31 = P 436.45
(This is the pro-rated MSF you will pay for your first month)
2. Pro-rated Free Minutes = (25-17+1)(210)/31 = 60.97 mins.
(This is the total number of minutes you will enjoy for your first month)

Payment and Reconnection Reminders

a. Please write your account number and your full name clearly every time you make a payment.

b. Payment for multiple accounts or Globe mobile numbers.
To ensure the proper amount is credited to the proper bill, please provide a detailed breakdown of your payment by Globe mobile number or account number. You can also attach the bill stubs as the amount being paid is noted in each of the said stubs.

c. Proof of Payment
Always keep a copy of the transaction slip (for over-the counter or ATM payments), official receipts (for payment through Globe Telecom) or listen and record the payment acknowledgement number (for phone payments) for proof of payments.

d. Posting of Payment
Please allow 5 working days from payment date for your payments to be posted to your account.

e. Payment Due Date
All payments must be received on or before the Payment Due Date indicated in your bill. Overdue accounts are subject to voice redirection (no outgoing calls).

f. Your Outstanding Balance.
You may also request for your outstanding balance through text, free of charge. Just send PLAN BALANCE to 2312.

g. Notice of Temporary Disconnection
If a notice of disconnection has been given or your phone line has been disconnected, please pay your bill directly at our business centers. Check out our Business Center Locator for the business center nearest to you.

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  1. Pilar G.Perez says:


    I payed the one time set up fee Of…( PHp500.00) the day they installed my “Globe only Internet connections”.. that was Aug.04,2010.Why is it that my 1st bill came today claiming the fallowing…

    1) Monthly Recurring Fee…755.61
    2) One time charges………..446.43 <<< ( ??? ) 3) VAT...............................144.24 TOTAL AMOUNT : 1,346.28 Sir.I applied the Internet connections only...and I do not have a Land line tel. and do not had plans of having..So why do you have to charge "One time charges" to my bill that also arrived today which is too early? Please explain this matter, thank you...

  2. Richelle Supat says:

    I received our bill on September 3, 2010 (yesterday)

    I payed the one time set up fee Of…(PHp 500.00) the day they installed my “Globe only Internet connections”.. that was Jul. 10,2010.Why is it that my 1st bill came today claiming the following…

    1) Amount due from Previous Bill …1091.28
    2) Current Bill Charges………..995.00

    TOTAL AMOUNT : 2,086.28

    Where this “Amount due from Previous Bill …1091.28” came from???
    Please enlighten me on this matter. Thanks.

  3. anna marie rusiana says:

    good morning!tanong lng sana ako kong paano ko ma contact ang globe via globe landline.not yet in service kasiyong mga numbers na nka pose, like XXXXXXXXXXand XXXXXXXXXX.please help me!

  4. jeziel f danao says:

    gud pm.. po… ako po yung anak ng nakapangalan sa joseph peleno danao
    nag bayad na po kc kame.. sa bayad center… tapos po.. dumating yung bill.. nakalagay.. my previous balance pero bayad na po.. un… ang current balance lang dapat yung bill namin sa ngayun.. pwde po ba paki review ng statement account ng bill ni joseph peleno danao eto po yung account no.887459562

  5. aurea perez says:

    good pm. iwould like to inform in your office that my overdue balance was settled already.I payed it last oct. 5 2010.

  6. emma rapada says:

    ask ko… po kong hanggang anong ilang buwan ung bill ko

  7. peter alialy says:

    good pm sir….i would like to inform na 1 1/2 lang namin nagamit yung internet namin dahil nasira yung computer namin hindi namin nagagamit yung internet bakit padagdag ng padagdag ang babayaran namin…?

  8. regino nabor says:

    sir nag pkabit me ng wimax sabi nung ahente libre unang buwan tapos nag karoon agad me ng bill, binayaran ko iyon ,ngayon myprivious balance padaw ako. ano to lokohan? ipaliwanag nyo nga.

  9. regino nabor says:

    gusto ko malaman agad, kung hindi nyo masasagot yon isosoli nlang nmin yun Wimax.

  10. Anton Unabia says:

    good pm. please make clear to me what is monthly recurring fee (MRF)?

    I’ve got a plan from our company it says that unlimited calls to Globe/TM.
    I was surprised to see my bill.

    DESCRIPTION Period Amount Total
    MOBTEL NO: 917xxxxxxx
    BUSINESS STARTER – DF 10/30/10 – 11/10/10 177.26
    BUSINESS STARTER – DF 11/11/10 – 12/10/10 445.54
    Total Monthly Recurring Fee (MRF) 622.80

    Please explain this to me. Thanks.

  11. rosa c. bernardo says:

    i just want to ask my billing date and i dont recieved bill notice.thank you

  12. rosa c. bernardo says:

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  13. Luzviminda castro says:

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  14. evelyn calabio says:

    dear maam/sir, i just want 2 ask kung magkano ang bill namin this month? thank you.

  15. gem pnsln says:

    i just want to ask if when you pay the bill for MY SUPER UNLI postpaid plan, will you be able to see to the numbers which the user called or contacted?

  16. Mhy says:


    Please help. I have MyGlobe charged on my postpaid plan. What does this represent btw?

  17. maritchel abil says:

    ive subscribe the wimax globe broadband last october 2010.., but until now i didnt receive any billing from globe…how do i know my bill of my network connection?…

  18. lanie says:

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  19. anavelya lumintac sobiaco says:

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  22. teresa gonzales says:

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  27. liezel de guzman says:

    good noon.last mo.lang nainstall ang globe broadband namin start july 18,2012 .inupdate ko ang pagbayad para di maputol ang servce.e la pa naman daw ako can i find my wala namang nakalagay sa acknowledgement receipt nung ininstall nila.paano ko mabayaran?thanks po.

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