Globe Roaming Prepaid Cell Phone

Globe allows you to activate a feature on their SIM cards that allows their users to make phone calls and send text messages while they are traveling in other countries. This Globe roaming prepaid function is really great for overseas workers that want to stay in touch with the friends and family back in the Philippines. Its simple to activate you phone before you leave the country so that it will be ready to use when you leave the Philippines.

Activate Globe prepaid SIM for Roaming

  • Text [GROAM ON] [date] to 2884.
    (GROAM ON 09/15/2005 28 and send to 2884)
  • Roaming activation should be done at least 24 hours before departure.
    You will receive confirmation via text once your International Roaming is activated.
    Activation via text is FREE of charge.
  • To activate roaming from outside the Philippines, call the Roaming Support Hotline at +63917211 or +6327301212.

Contact Globe Customer Service to Activate SIM

There are many ways to contact Globe customer service from the Philippines and abroad.
How to contact Globe customer service »

Load Balance Needed for Globe Roaming

Php 100 is required to activate your roaming. If you dont have P100 on your prepaid sim you can buy load now. A balance of P80 is required for outgoing calls when roaming and P25 for outgoing SMS.

Check Globe Roaming Status

To check your roaming status text [GROAM_STATUS] to 2884. This costs P2.50 from in the Philippines, and P25+2.50 from outside the Philippines.

Check Roaming Availability by Country

  • Text [GLIST_ZONE_ ] to 2884, to know the countries under each zone. Or you can send [GLIST_] to 2884 to see if the country you’re going to offers Prepaid International Roaming. You will be charged P2.50 for this and roaming charges of P25+2.50 once you’re outside the Philippines.
  • Currently, roaming destinations are divided into two categories: (1) Regular Countries; (2) Special Countries.

Cancel Roaming Pre-activation

  1. Pre-activation can be cancelled via SMS by texting GROAM OFF.
  2. To request for roaming again, just send the roaming activation SMS command.

Roaming Duration

In most countries you may roam indefinitely without having to extend your roaming services.

For Special countries, you are allowed a maximum of 180 days roaming duration for every request and extend for another 180 days thereafter as many times while you are outside the country.

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  1. erreg says:

    nakakapag roaming poh ba ang globe sa italy??? pano poh makapg roaming kung and2 aq…

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    Hi! Paano po ba mag Balance Inquiry kung ako ay nakaroaming?

  3. Raven says:

    Hi.. Anyone here in Saudi Arabia… Can u help me or teach me on how to recharge a load my Globe Roaming i bought from my certain friend a Globe Prepaid Card but really dunt know how to do it..

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    paano po ba gagawin kapag ndi na gmagana ung roaming sim sa canada po ung country.. thanks po

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    hi…dito po ako sa doha qatar now,gusto kung gamitin ang free txt ko sa roaming (globe tattoo), ask lang po kung paano? thanks….

  7. Raquel says:

    hello…paano mag balance inquire sa roaming (globe tatoo) dito sa qatar? thanks…

  8. mara mendoza says:

    hi po pano ko po ba mapapalodan ng load ungroaming globe number ng mama kung nandi2 ko sa pinas tapos ung nanay ko nasa oman? kasi sabe saken ng mama ko palodan ko dawpo xa hnd ko namn po xa mapalodan kasi hnd ko po alam kung pano

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