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Globe Telecom Customer Service Webpage

Globe Telecom Customer Service Webpage

The simplest way to resolve issues with a Globe SIM or Globe roaming sim is to contact Globe customer service in the Philippines. One of the most common reasons to call them is if you need to reactivate your Globe SIM card for roaming. If you have not maintained a balance on your sim it may be deactivated. Here is how you can contact them.

Contact Globe Customer Service: Philippines

  • 24-hour Call-In Service, dial (02) 730-1000 from any land line phone in the Philippines
  • Dial 211 toll-free access from your Globe mobile phone
  • Globe TM subscribers dial 808 toll-free from your mobile phone or (02) 730-1500 from any land line.
  • Email customer support at

Contact Globe Customer Service: Roaming

  • 24-hour Globe Roaming Support dial +6327301212 for postpaid subscribers or *131*6327301212# for prepaid subscribers
    These calls are toll free from your Globe cell phone.
    If you are calling from a land line or while in the Philippines, appropriate charges will apply and it will be considered as a valid call.
  • The Toll free US hotline number is 1-877-64-GLOBE (1-877-644-5623)

Globe Customer Support Website

The Globe website has some very helpful information that can often solve your issue with out a phone call or waiting for an email.
Log on to the Globe customer support site here »

Globe Support Forum on

Globe has a forum that allows you to ask questions and get answers from both customer support and other users. This is a great way to get your Globe SIM questions or roaming questions answered.
Visit the forum here »

Activate or Reactivate a Globe Roaming SIM

Globe SIM cards must be activated for roaming in order for them to work outside of the Philippines. If you have not activated your SIM or your SIM card has been deactivated fro roaming you can simply call or email Globe customer support and ask them to reactivate your Globe SIM for roaming. Be sure to have your SIMs phone number handy when you contact Globe customer service.

Activate you Globe Roaming SIM

Simply call the 24-hour Globe Roaming Support at +6327301212 for postpaid subscribers or *131*6327301212# for prepaid subscribers, and ask them to activate or reactivate you Globe SIM card. You can also email customer support at

33 Responses to “Globe Customer Service”

  1. Ma.Anna Carmela L. Villegas/Gil says:

    Wish to re-activate my Postpaid SIM 128XL. delivered to me last Nov. 2009. I failed to open mail last Season. Please email me at the said address on the following steps I shall take to upgrade my existing Postpaid SIM. Would appreciate any kind of assistance from Globe.

  2. yoej21 says:

    sna maibalik na ang unli cul midnight…

  3. euroki says:

    hindi nila alam naka block yung roaming simcard nila sa buong europe. hindi ka makapag kol or txt sa pinas pero nakakatanggap lang ng txt. sana may magawa kayo para dun hindi nyo mamonitor kung anu problema nasa 500 load hindi ko naman nagagamit meron sinasabi network nila dito… nasubukan ko na rin sa ibang pinoy globe roaming nila ganun din ang sitwasyon. may depekto network nyo!

  4. Janet Berg says:

    “Do you need leads, appointment settings or sales of your services and products? You can hire our telesales agents at very nominal price.

    Please reply to get more information.

  5. gely ann says:

    panu po maactivate ung packet data? ayaw kse mkakonek s internet.. huhu

  6. burnacid says:

    bakit po ganito yung WiMAX namin..sabi 512Mbps ang bagal naman po kc 100Mbps lng.. please do have a reply..

  7. Mr. Geoffrey T. Rose says:

    Deae Globe,
    I would like to inform your good office that we already having a poor connection in our area in New Washington, Aklan. We receive and transmit e-mails/nteworking very poor now a days.
    Hope that your office can do such rapid action for this matter, cause plenty of Globe subscriber in our area will decide to Pantelco and Smart.
    In our office, the Mayor’s office at LGU New Washington, you have 4 customer and all of them decided to transfer to Smart. So please we will wait till end of this September for your action.
    My account number is 836734787

  8. cristina isidro says:

    bkit wala p yung load namin monthly bill dapat sa sept. 24 hanggng ngayn wala pa

  9. Nelson Robles says:

    hi Globe Telecom I am just wondering if your company is aware regarding what your support team doing for the past 2 weeks I got a call from your agent saying that I have privilege to received a blackberry phone under plan 995, so what I did I follow the instruction I send my valid ID which is the Driver License, but what she promise was not done so I ignore it, then last week I received another call from agent of Priority Telesale Globe Telecom, Mr. Andrew that he says I need to stay on my home address on September 29, 2010 to personally accepting the delivery of unit but before this day come I try to call him yesterday but no one answering my call until this the whole day I am calling him but no one answering, so I am really disappointed in this promo I am not asking anything they are the one who shake my whole week in thinking something possible into reality I hope you can take a time to review this matter and I really appreciate if you can give me feedback regarding this matter, thanks and God Bless.

    • Marie says:

      Did you receive the phone? I also got a call from them this morning. I have a friend from globe, i asked them to verify if the promo is real or a scam.

  10. Nelson Robles says:

    You can easily give me any feed back in my comment to the following no. my land line is XXXXXXXXXX / mobile no. XXXXXXXXXX, thanks a lot.

  11. Anonymous says:

    HEY GLOBE!! read this out

    Here is the problem..last aug 29 I tried to subscribe for a Wi-max connection here in Pampanga (Globe-marquee mall branch to be particular). A week after the subscription, an agent called me and set a date for the installation. On the installation date given or set, to my surprise the contractor asked me if I have all the materials prepared for the installation.???? The hell!!! during the time that I was applying for the connection no one told me about the things to prepare during the installation!! They just told me to wait for them, that’s all! And after telling the contractor that I dont have the materials needed, he suggested to install the modem on the next day. As agreed, another agent from the main office called me again for re-installation confirmation and I reported the incident at once. So the next day, I prepared all the things needed and waited the whole day for the contractor who will be the one installing the modem. But unfortunately they didn’t come. No text no call for this unreasonable event! I was really furious about this. So I decided to cancel my application. After 3 days I visited the branch where I applied. And they told me to claim my refund in their other branch here in Pampanga. So I went there.. I reported again the incident and I was demanding to get the refund but the agent told me again that they will just text/call me if the refund is already available. What?????? after waiting for the installation???I still have to wait again for the refund!!! Hey guys, is this how you give service to your customers?????Im a loyal subscriber of Globe.. But now.. Im totally disappointed!!!

  12. labme104 says:



  13. mary lyn sumaway says:

    pnu po b maunlock ung puk? help me pls……tnx

  14. jordan pongan says:

    globe! madalas mawala ung load ko 100, 20, 20, 20,20, 20, 20… 3 or 5 pesos plang nabawas sa load wala na….

  15. Ronel says:

    andito po ako ngaun sa singapore, kaso po pagdating ko d2 walang signal ung globe ko,…nagtanong ako dun sa pinas kung pano i-activate ung roaming sim ko…sabi nila pag globe ka, e automatic na magro-roaming yang sim mo sa ibang bansa….but then, pagdating ko dito wala naman ako signal..kaya po ba ng service provider i-activate ung roaming ko??..sayang din kasi ung load nun…

  16. espie16 says:


    bumili po aq ng globe tattoo300 load na card pero diko naman maipasok yung load laging invalid…tumatawag naman aq sa hotline nyo pero di rin aq makaconnect…ginawa q naman yung instruction…
    dial 223 send
    enter call card no. press#
    enter call pin no. press#
    ang sinasabi sakin call card is invalid

    pls.i need your response..

  17. nickilo says:

    I dialed XXXXXXXXXX pero eto ang reply

    “calls from this phone are restricted”

    I am from Davao and I need help with my phone and internet which is not working at this time…. tulong naman.

  18. timmy says:

    my sim card was blocked. I entered the PUK no. and it asked for my NEW PIN. When asked to VERIFY for the new PIN, its an ERROR although i already checked my entries. i only have one try to unlock the puk?

  19. Arvin solsona says:

    Bket ganun? Lage nlang kinakaen ung load ko? Naka 50 pesos na nga nakakaen ng globe tapos may bayad pa ung 211?

  20. harold says:

    hey!!i just wanted to redeem my points but the 4438 doesent send me a any message,,,,,,,,,,plsss repair this…..

  21. gabrielle balanon says:

    i can’t find my PUK code. i really need to find it now coz’ i don’t have time to go to any globe customer service shops. how will i get the PUK code without leaving my house?

  22. Ponciano S Millena says:

    Dec 19, 2010

    Dear Sir:

    The Globe Box MK 126 was removed infront of my house at 7 Cavalry Dr, East Rembo , Makati and transferred to a new location within our village. The thick cement foundation was not , however, demolished. Please have it removed as we would like to landscape the place.

    Thank you.
    Mr Millena tel : XXXXXXXXXX

  23. mikki says:

    im just wondering when will be iphone 4 available..?? im like waiting for 2 weeks now but i dont receive any messages or calls saying that my order of iphone 4 is already here.

  24. mea ann says:

    hi…… im just wondering why i cant send messeges and call yesterday until now even i have load…but i can recieve txt and call….pls help me or send me info how to activate my sim again or what will i do….thx…….

  25. Elle says:

    I thought the Globe customer service 211 is 24hrs. Huh! My call was cut at exactly 10pm! I thought SUPERSURF is Unlimited, but I lost my connection and I need to wait for tomorrow? I was uploading very important files to be sent through email and I was supposed to talk to an agent and ask if there is any option to have internet other than that S****Supersurf! Useless Supersurf!

  26. Anonymous says:

    amp sanana mn po my murang unli sa globe mismo..thanks po..

  27. john says:

    hey how to re activate an invalid globe sim?????????????????

  28. globe tattoo ?? Mabilis sa internet sus!? says:

    bakit ang bagal ng connection sa globe tattoo ko! Nag babayad nman ako ah!
    Tapos ninanakaw pa load ko
    ayusin nyo nman sirbisyo nyo!
    sayang lang pinag gastosan kupa ang globe na ito wla nman kwenta mabilis pa ang smart pag internet sana maayus nyo yan dahil nag titiwala pa naman mga tao sa inyo! Maging patas sana ha!?

  29. judiline Castro says:

    goodafternoon. this is judeline bacay casrtro using your globe landline. why is there no internet connection in landline since yesterday? but i already paid my remaining balance as of july 27, 2012.
    please respond.

  30. Bea says:

    Hi, tanong lang ako kng pwede pa ba ma reactivate pagnaexpired na yung prepaid sim ko? Hope maka reply kau.. thanks.

  31. nashra paraja says:

    ask ko lang poh bakit yung roaming sim ko pagkatapos niroaming sa pinas merun n a activation message pero dito hindi ko parin magamit dahil walang signal…panu ba eto kailangan ko pa nman…. plssss reply

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