Buying a Globe SIM Card

Buying a Globe SIM card is easier then ever thanks to many online options as well as retail store outlets located throughout the Philippines and abroad. Of course the most common way to buy a Globe SIM card is to walk into your local Sari-Sari store and buy one on the spot. More then ever Filipinos are going online to buy their SIM cards. Often online stores have a wider selection and offer some conveniences that a retail outlet simply can not. One of the biggest benefits to buying online is the ability to shop from other countries. Many Filipinos in the US, UK, Canada and Japan find it much easier to go online and order s SIM card that will be shipped rite to their door. Here are some popular options of online retailers the sell Globe SIM cards;

  • Ebay – Ebay is one of the largest online auction stores. Many retailers sell their SIM cards exclusively through there actions. Be sure you check the rating of the person selling the SIM card before you buy.
    Ebay Philippines / Ebay US
  • Cellular Abroad – This has been a very good option for purchasing all types of SIM cards and Phones needed when traveling abroad. They are very reputable and have a wide selection of SIM cards.
  • Pinoy Grocery – We have not tried this service yet but they seem to have a good selection of Globe SIM cards.
  • Free Philippine SIM Card – is giving away SIM cards absolutely free. We have not had a chance to test this either but their offer is very compeling. It looks like all they ask is that you give them your email information and then they will mail you a SIM card completely free of charge. They don’t even charge shipping.

How Much is a Globe SIM Card?

Prices for Globe SIM cards seem to vary quite a bit. They start at free at Freephilippinesimcard and go all the way up to $50. Ebay seems to have quite a few for about $12. Since prices for Globe SIMs are not constant we are not going to give specific prices here. Instead we encourage you to shop around for the best deal. Be careful when buying as some online retailers overcharge for shipping. We have also noticed that many retailers seem to be out of stock. Be sure to check availibility before ordering. Good luck šŸ™‚

Loading Your Globe SIM Card

Of course once you buy your Globe SIM card you will need to keep it recharged with load. Check out our reviews of online load stores here. Or you can just skip to our favorite

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