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Globe Telecom

Globe Telecom is a leading mobile phone company in the Philippines and a member of the Bridge Alliance. Globe Telecom trades on the PSE under the symbol GLO.

Globe Brands include:

  1. Globe Handyphone (Mobile Service)
  2. Globe Solutions (Mobile for Business)
  3. Touch Mobile (MVNO)
  4. G-Cash (Mobile Payment Service)
  5. GenTxt (Social Networking)
  6. Globe Kababayan (OFW Services including IDD, calling cards, Remittance Services, Reload Services)

Globe Kababayan

Globe Kababayan offers a host of services and products and events for OFW’s around the world. The service provides valuable services such as eload from abroad. They offer OFW job openings, loan assistance and legal assistance. Globe Kababayan markets a full suite of services including Quick Remit and Load cards, EPins, and international AutoloadMAX which allows people to send load to any Globe or Touch Mobile.

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Contact Globe Customer Service

In the Philippines

To contact Globe customer service call their 24-hour customer support line at (02) 730-1000 from any landline phone in the Philippines, or 211 toll-free access from your Globe mobile phone.

TM subscribers call 808 toll-free from your mobile phone or (02) 730-1500 from any landline phone in the Philippines. You may also email us at

Globe Landline subscribers may dial 171 toll-free from your Globe Landline or (02) 919-8888 from any landline phone within Metro Manila.

Outside the Philippines

If you are roaming and need to contact Globe customer support, call the 24-hour Globe Roaming Support at +6327301212 for postpaid subscribers or *131*6327301212# for prepaid subscribers toll-free using your mobile phone.

Buying Globe Load

Buying Globe load in the U.S. or Canada is easy. Here is a list of websites selling Globe load online now. Buying Globe load online is the fastest way to load a Globe SIM card inside and outside of the Philippines.

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Globe Telecom Area Codes

These are the specific area code digits that all Globe phone numbers start with.

  • 905, 906, 915, 916, 917, 926, 927, 935, 936, 937

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