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Globe Load, Globe eLoad

Globe load is the what recharge is called in the Philippines. Having load on a prepaid phone is necessary to make phone calls and send text messages and to use broadband internet services.

Buy Globe Load

We have created a complete review of websites that all ow you to buy Globe load. We have even found the cheapest sites available. Check out our full review of Globe load sites here »

There are many ways to buy Load for your Globe cell phone while in the Philippines and while roaming with your Globe SIM card. Buying load online is the best option while traveling abroad with your Globe phone. When in the Philippines it is often very convenient to buy load a local store. Globe load recharge cards are not as convenient as buying load online but if you do not have online access it may be one of the best options.

Using a Globe Prepaid SIM Card

Once you purchase a Globe call and text prepaid load card it is very easy to activate and use. Simply follow these directions.

To load Globe minutes in the Philippines

  • Dial 223 on your Globe cell and press Send
  • Follow the voice prompts
  • Enter the Call & Text Card No. on your card, then press #
  • Enter your Call & Text Card PIN then press #
  • You will receive a voice notification the you have loaded successfully

To load minutes while Roaming with Globe

  • Dial *123* + call card number + PIN + # sign. Do not put spaces in between this sequence.
  • Ex. *123* 1234567890123456#
  • Press SEND.
  • A confirmation message will flash on the screen. “Please wait while we process your request.”
  • You will receive this text, “Reload successful new balance is Pxxx”

Load a Globe SIM Card Online

As always our preferred method of loading a prepaid Globe SIM card is to do it online. Online load recharging is faster and simpler then buying a physical load recharge card. Here are a list of all the online stores that allow you to buy Globe Load, including prices and highlighting the cheapest Globe load rates »

Free Globe Load

It is possible to get free Globe load from a few websites. Usually these web sites ask you to do something in return for a free load such as looking at advertisements or spreading the word about their site. We have tested a few and they seem to work pretty well.
Find out how to get Free Globe Load here »

3 Responses to “Globe Load”

  1. dis says:

    Hi! i have a problem/question which i hope you can solve/answer.. here’s the situation:

    I already have a globe call card number and pin with me..

    The problem is i can’t load it because (i dont know whats with this phone), after dialing 223, i can’t/don’t-know-how-to key in the call card number and pin that i have!! there is no number pad to key-in the call card number and pin..

    Btw, i just borrowed this phone (it’s a touchpad phone — “mini iphone” made in china i think) since i left mine in the province..

    if you want to know the mechanics of how this phone works — to make a call, i press the “call” button, then a numeric keypad appears in the screen, so i dial 223, then after the screen changes to something like “calling 223”.. now when the operator asks me to enter the call card number, i cant! since the screen doesnt show any numeric keypad!!!

    my question now is/are:
    1. is there a way i can load via text? how?
    2. is there a website out there where i can put in my globe number, the call card number, then the pin… then it will be credited to my globe phone/number?

    please help

  2. juvy says:

    i want to know how to unlimited the eload to my glob broadband online?

  3. blah says:

    what if you over-scratched your prepaid card that the call
    and text card number and pin aren’t clear anymore ?!

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