How to Ask For Load

If you are in the Philippines and lack of loads for your mobile phone, there is some ways to request load from your friends or loved ones by text messaging. Then they can know you need load and send it to you.

Globe: Ask-A-Load:

Ask-A-Load is an enhancement of Share-A-Load. With Ask-a-Load, Globe prepaid subscribers,can ask for load from their Globe Postpaid & Globe prepaid loved ones via 1-easy text.

Why should I Ask-A-Load?

This allows you to send messages to your Filipina from anywhere and she can text you back at the cost of sending local text. Nice! The downside is you need to carry around or keep your Philippine mobile handy to make sure to get her messages in a timely manner. You can always buy load for your roaming phone online. Please read our reviews to learn more about the options available.

What are the benefits of Ask-A-Load?

  1. Globe prepaid subscribers with zero load can Ask-A-Load from their globe prepaid or postpaid loved one once daily for FREE.
  2. Ask-a-load is also open to subscribers with load. There is a P1 charge per request sent, but there is no daily cap as long the subscriber’s prepaid balance is P1.
  3. No registration is required to use the Ask-A-Load service.
  4. Person who will be receiving the request has the option to accept or reject the Ask-A-Load request.

Who can Ask-A-Load?

Globe Prepaid subscribers, whether you have load or none can Ask-A-load from another Globe Prepaid or Globe postpaid subscriber.This service is NOT available for TM subs.

How can I Ask-A-Load?

Ask-A-Load by simply texting the (amount) to (26+10 digit handyphone number). NO need to register.
to ask P25 pesos from 09176660353

The person you are asking load from will receive a text message asking to send you load. If the person who received the request agrees, he/she simply reply by texting his Share-A-Load PIN. If the person you are asking from doesn’t have a Share-A-Load PIN (first time users of Share-A-Load service), he/she can simply text YES and the P25 load request will be transferred. To accept succeeding requests the Share-A-Load PIN is required.

If you recieve a globe request, go /globe/ask-for-globe-load/”>here and learn /globe/globe-share-a-load/”>how to share a load.

Get more details at the »

Smart: Ask for load

With TALK ‘N TEXT PasaLoad, you can now ask for load and pasaload with your friends and loved ones subscribed to the SMART Network.

How to Ask for load with TALK ‘N TEXT account

  1. dial *808 followed by the 11-digit mobile phone number of your friend.
  2. Press a call button,

Example: if your friends’ mobile phone number is 0917 123 4567, just call to *80809171234567
*808 +your friend’s 11digits Smart mobile phone number (Example: *80809171234567)

If you receive the requests from your friends, you can pasaload to your friends, please go to see /smart/smart-pasaload/”>how to pasaload here.

Ask 4 Load: Aryty

The two methods above work for only Globe and Smart subscriber. But if your friends or loved ones are in U.S or Canada, you can ask load from them using Aryty Philippines. Aryty allows you to ask for load via SMS. They deliver your request to any U.S. and Canadian mobile carrier or their email.

How to Ask 4 Load with Aryty via Text or SMS

  1. text: Ask 1 [your 10 digits U.S. or Canadian mobile phone number] [your nickname]
    Example: If your friend’s U.S. or Canadian mobile phone number is 718 123 1234 and your name is Nick, you can type, [Ask 17181231234 Nick].
  2. Send the text to the number depending on your carrier.
    If your carrier is Globe, send it to 2201
    If your carrier is Smart, send it to 350
    If your carrier is Sun Cellular, send it to 2201
  3. Aryty will pass your request through to the U.S. or Canadian phone number.
  4. When you are sent load with Aryty your phone will be instantly topped up and you will recive a text message notification.

How to Ask 4 Load with Aryty via the Internet

  1. Log on to
  2. Enter your Globe, Smart, or Sun mobile number and your email information.
  3. Aryty will generate email requests to send out for you.

Either way you ask you will get a quick response and nearly instant results.

For more detail visit at Aryty Philippines

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