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One of our favorite phone chat communities is mig33. The best part is that you can download the mig33 chat client for all types of phones even if you don’t use a smart phone.

Download mig33 Free

The easier way to download mig33 for your mobile phone is to visit the mig33 website on your phone and download the appropriate version there. You can view more detailed instructions on how to download mig33 to your phone here There are a few versions that are currently available. You will need to select a version based on your phones capabilities. Once you have downloaded the migg33 mobile application to your phone you will be all set to join the phone and chat for free.

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Sign up From a Mobile Phone

Mig33 lets you sign up for their service from any mobile phone with an internet connection. Simply point your mobile web browser to this URL to sign up now. After you sign up the mig33 application will be downloaded to your phone.

Sign up on a PC

You can sign up now from your pc by visiting this url It only takes a minute to register and then you will have access to all of Mig33 chat features.

Mig33 Store

The Mig33 Store is a great place to buy virtual gifts for all your friends. Virtual gifts are much more affordable then real gifts and your friends will appreciate them just as much. VIsit the mig33 store here They have many different catagories of gifts for you to choose from lik, Gifts, Avatar, Emoticons, Super Emoticons, Themes, Call & SMS Rates, Buzz, Lookout, Kicking.

Earn Cash with Mig33

Mig33 has a merchant program that can make you cash. You become a reseller of mig33 cash. When you buy in bulk you get a discount and make money every time someone buys migg points through your store. Learn more here

International Call with Mig33

Perhaps one of the best reasons to start using mig33 is to make international calls cheaply. THey provide great calling rates to many different countries. To get a full list visit here

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