Recharge Jamaican Mobile Cell Phones

Many cell phones in Jamaica require that the phone be topped up with mobile prepaid minutes in order to make phone calls, text message, or use mobile internet. After buying a SIM card you must recharge the phone with top up minutes in order to continue using it. There are many ways to top-up a Jamaican mobile phone, from online recharge t buying a recharge card at a local store. The fastest way to recharge your phone is to do it through an online recharge service like Aryty.com.

Claro Telecom Jamaica

Claro Telacom Jamaica

Claro was launched as rebranding the heritage of MiPhone network. They have built a GSM/UMTS/HSDPA network alongside the current CDMA network. The plans include serving fixed wireless and broadband services on the CDMA network.


The Claro Jamaica prepaid sim card works with unlocked GSM phones as well as the Apple iPhone, and the RIM Blackberry device. Visitors to Jamaica can now surf the web for pennies while on vacation in Jamaica.

The visitor will benefit from Free Incoming Calls and Free Incoming Text messages in Jamaica.

Visitors with unlocked blackberries may opt for a 30 day prepaid blackberry data plan for less than 20.00USD. Just add funds to the line prior to arrival and start service using the short code *139*30 upon arrival in Jamaica. Blackberry setup is handled on the phone. Customers will be emailing before they leave the airport in Montego Bay.

Lime Telecom Jamaica

LIME stands for “Landline, Internet, Mobile, Entertainment”. It is one of the more popular mobile phone operators in Jamaica is Lime Mobile. Lime offers calling plans as well as texting and mobile internet plans that offer the flexibility to pre pay for all your minutes.

Lime has a very flexible web site that allows you to pay your Lime phone bills online. Online Lime bill payment is both faster and easier then mailing a check or paying in person. Pay your Lime Bill online here »

Check out the lime mobile site here »

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  1. Harry Dorsey says:

    I recharged (topped up) a friend’s Jamaica cell phone number for $10 (USD) from the USA. The number I topped up is xxxxxxxxxx. My PIN is xxx. My Sun Trust Bank Account has been charges $11.45, which includes the $10.00 top up, plus the $1.45 service fee. However, my friend in Jamaica has not received the $10 credit to their phone. Please advise me how my friend can receive the top up or I have the charge removed from my bank account. Thanks.

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