Idea Bill Pay

There are many easy ways to pay your postpaid Idea Cellular Bill. You can choose from the following 4 ways to pay your postpaid Idea Cellular Bill:

  • Online Idea Cellular Bill Payment
  • SMS Idea Cellular Bill Payment
  • In person Idea Cellular Bill Payment
  • Via your bank Idea Cellular Bill Payment

Online Idea Bill Payment for Cell Phones

The following websites are payment methods you can use to pay your Idea Cellular Postpaid Bill online. You may need to fill out a bill paymetn registration form. You can obtain a PDF copy of the bill payment registration form by clicking this link »

The Idea Cellular website:

The following are easy steps instructing you on how to pay your bills on the Idea Cellular Online Website:

  1. Go to the Idea Cellular website.
  2. Log on to your Idea Cellular account.
  3. Follow the provided instructions on how to pay your bills online.
  4. Pay your bills.

Bill Junction:

Bill Junction provides Idea Cellular Online Bill Payment Service for either Billers, Payees, or both in the following 13 cities: Ahmedabhad, Baroda, Delhi, Hyderabad, Jamnagar, Kakinada, Nellor, Pune, Rajkot, Surat, Thirupathi, Vijaywada, and Vizag.

How to pay your bills online with Bill Junction

  1. Sign up for an account with Bill Junction by following the detailed instructions on signing up listed on the Bill Junction website.
  2. Once you have signed up, and your account is activiated, you can now use Bill Junction by logging on to your account.
  3. Once you have logged on, you may easily view your bills.
  4. Finally, to pay the bills, simply click on the ‘Pay’ button.

SMS Idea Cellular Bill Payment

Pay your Idea Cellular Bill Payment by SMS Text with Bill Junction:

Idea Cellular Bill Payment Agent

If you prefer to make an Idea Bill Payment in cash you can visit any Idea Cellular Bill Payment Agent. There are many agents that accept Idea Cellular Bill Pay in Delhi and many other cities across India. Make sure to research the Idea Cellular Bill Payment store or agent near you.

Idea Bill Payment Agent Mumbai

Idea Bill Payment Agent Bombay

Idea Bill Payment Agent Delhi

Reading you Idea Bill Statement

Someitmes understanding your !dea billing statement can be a bit difficult. Your bill is a complete record of all activities from your cellular account during the past month. It comes to you in two parts. The smaller portion at the bottom is the payment coupon, which you enclose with your payment.

If you would like to have help reading your Idea bill you can head over to this page and select your circle. Then you will be shown a sample Idea bill and the different parts will be explained. See sample billing statements here »

79 Responses to “Idea Bill Payment”

  1. SB Singh says:

    What happened, I have been trying to make payment of my bill for last 10 days on the site of but the page’my search’ opens opens every time. and have bben unable to make the payment some thing wrong woth the website. and in the process I have missed the payby date too.

  2. mahendra k. hatim says:

    idea bill payment agent mumbai

  3. babu thomas says:

    pls. last month bill

  4. Manjeet Kumar says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am in Canada right now and will stay here for one and half year for official work. I had left the previous organisations. It was instunt that my visa got approved and unfortunately, your execuive had not come to my place for collecting the payment inspite of the repeated request. I had not payed my postpaid bill for the mobile no. 9814736295. Plz do no approach my parents of the previous organisations as I will pay the amount as soon as online options will allow me.

    Manjeet Kumar

  5. abhishektomar says:

    hi sir my mobile no is XXXXXXXXXX bii payment online plz reply

  6. Dheerendra Singh says:

    I have taken new conection mob nu,:XXXXXXXXXX previous credit limit was 1500 and now 750 which is 7 days old number i am not agry with this idea policy akindly increase my credit limit other wise what is the mean of postpaid.

  7. Suresh says:

    I am trying to pay by NET for payment, unable to pay, many of your AGENts DO NOT ACCEPT credit card for makin gpayment in Maharashtra, WHY ?

  8. Nilesh says:

    my bill is painding

  9. yohna says:

    I find very difficult to make a payment on line.. I spoke with a CS executive and she was totally unaware of what she was speaking. Did not help? just a wastaage of bull shit time.. thinking of changing the service…… No value for customers at all……………………………

  10. krishan says:

    pls pay online payment

  11. amit says:

    pls pay ooline payments

  12. krishan says:

    hi sir my mobile no is XXXXXXXXXX bii payment online plz reply

  13. amit says:

    hi sir my mobile no is XXXXXXXXXX bii payment online plz reply

  14. sucha says:

    please send me my recent calls my cell no. XXXXXXXXXX

  15. ajay says:


    When u will be starting online payment of jammu circular for idea postpaid conection.

  16. Mahadeo Pandit says:

    Bill for the month is not received regularly getting reminders
    Please send bill on my mail so as to make payment

    Cell Number


  17. Manoj Kumar says:

    Dear Sir,

    I always find difficult in payment of Idea bill because very few Idea bill counter in Delhi or I don’t know about Idea show room address properly.
    please help to find Idea bill counter in south delhi near to nehru palce.

  18. Nandkishore parmar says:

    hi sir my mobile no is XXXXXXXXXX bii payment online plz reply

  19. Anonymous says:

    Dear sir, i am finding very difficutly to online payment its apearing your mobile number is invalid, i called cs executive thrice but they are not responding properly. its already the due date reached. please help me out of this issue my mobile number is 9964220400

  20. Devender Singh says:

    hi, i am Devender here.
    i don’t know whats wrong with idea guys…
    you just tell me one thing, that i am trying to pay to the idea by intranet, but your site is too slow, and not working properly…
    2nd thing that i called up so many time in the cust. care and told them that i will pay and you just block this no as i don’t want to use ur pathetic serivce in future. But no one is working on it.
    … you are sending me mails again and again regarding to payment.
    The bill amount is around 700 Rs. and i am ready to pay it. Than why r u sending mail again and again to me. Just tell me how would i pay it.
    i will not go any idea shop for make the payment. if u want to get it, come at my home and take it. But before coming to my home call me and take the appointment.

  21. R.K.SHRIVASTAV says:


  22. Ibadur Rehman says:

    i am trying to submit my idea bill but the idea homepage is opening very slowly, as today is due date, kindly send your collection executive as early as possible

  23. SANJEEV says:


  24. Sandeep kamboj says:


    Its so bad that i was trying to pay my bill of idea postpaid connection of haryana,but i couldnt
    kindly help me to do this

  25. pandit says:

    mk nhsj gd huw akhdf nfkisf nmviuysf jsdgz znbvkeioflhjyhg jghfbn nfgd nbdbh vhgv,mnd nkjhd ndoy bvzmnbviurfbds kdhiowy jheiwe4 hei

  26. shakeelsuper says:

    i want to paid my bill on line but the site is not working properly! you sajessed me how can i pay the bill online , i trying last one hour to pay the bill on line thought my credit card ,but i dont understand how to pay! … plyz… Reply me….

  27. Mr.Shah Alam says:

    Plz send my Bill So i payed

  28. Devender says:


    Iam a postpaid customer want to get ECS done from my ICICI bank pls advise how to get it done

  29. SALONI says:

    What happened, I have been trying to make payment of my bill for last 10 days on the site of but the page’my search’ opens opens every time. and have bben unable to make the payment some thing wrong woth the website. and in the process I have missed the payby date too.

  30. Anand says:

    Want to pay bill but retailers are asking excess 2.3% So why u r charging from retailers as customers have to pay it

  31. Mr Harveer Sharma says:

    Plz send my Bill So i payed
    mobail no.-xxxxxxxxxx

  32. S.PADMA SREE says:

    I have been trying to pay the bill online and it is not working, what is wrong with your web site..please rectify immediately to avoid inconvenience to the customers..


    I have been receiving SMS from IZ Idea stating that ZK Technologies, Kadapa is not authorized agent to pay the bill for this month and asking to pay the bill through e seva before the dead line. As the 11th and 12th are the holidays please suggest the other possible way to pay the bill (Preferably through online using bank debit card)

  34. javed chand shaikh says:

    i call me leeter

  35. P S RAWAT says:

    I was having an Idea post paid connection No.9891332069 since Mar 2009. This connection is presently closed on my request. The cellular company has a strong network but a weak team of customer care. The Idea Customer care people pass the privacy datas of its subscriber without any consultation or reason. Whosoever wanted to get information on phone about its subscriber, Idea people conveys even the confidential information of its subscribers. The C Care people are illiterate and arrogant while talking to customers. Idea Org. should pay attention towards this issue.

  36. Seetha says:


    The Idea website is not at all user friendly..I have been trying to pay my postpaid bill online but its very difficult to find the link…

  37. shivaji m khude says:

    pl.convey me how to make the online payment of my Idea post paid mobile

  38. Anonymous says:

    pls pay online payment

  39. Anjani Technoplast ltd. says:

    last Bill for the month is not received regularly getting reminders
    Please send bill on my mail so as to make payment

    Cell Number

  40. john wesely says:

    how to pay my idea postpaid bill through online, i need web name.

  41. raghu says:

    U fools I paid my idea post paid bill.even then u cut my service. what is this nonsense.updating bills is your purely your problem.

  42. sachin agnihotri says:

    Pls give detail mob bill xxxxxxxxxx

  43. naresh chandra pachauri says:

    please send me copy of my last four months payments details asrequired in my office for reumbersement thanks for help xxxxxxxxxx

  44. Srinivasa Murthy says:

    i am not able to pay my post piad idea bill through online,,,from past few days :manage ur post paid ” option is not coming in idea web site ,,how can i pay my bill from net..kindly assist

    thank u

  45. ajay sahu says:

    sir, main next month jammu state ja raha hoo. kya mobile network jammu katra vesnovdevi main work hoga.

  46. pravinkumar says:

    i want to pay my postpaid connection bill by online from my bank tell me about billing online.

  47. Don says:

    Very poor to make payments online. Change the way of web designing. Make it user friendly

  48. harwinder singh says:

    very very bulshit site is this.i try to make my payment in idea more then twenty times but it is never work.idea you have to remove your on line payment from net s helps the people who want to pay on line please

  49. mahesh mrahmbhatt says:

    pls send my bill detils

  50. mahesh mrahmbhatt says:


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