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!dea Cellular of India provides cellular service in Andhra Pradesh, Bihar & Jharkhand, Delhi & NCR, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh & Chattisgarh, Maharashtra & Goa, Mumbai, Orissa, Punjab, Rajasthan, Tamilnadu, Uttar Pradesh (E) and Uttar Pradesh (W). Idea India provides Postpaid, Prepaid and Internet plans. They deliver their service through SIM cards that you put into your cell phone. Idea Cellular allows for many ways to pay for Idea recharge online and in person. Make sure you have planty of recharge topup for your Idea cell phone so you can talk and text all you want.

Idea Postpaid Phone Service

Idea post-paid cards are an effective way of keeping in touch, no matter where you are. Idea cellular offers many different postpaid options depending on what circle location you are in. Postpaid service allows you to talk and text all you want and you will simply have to pay your Idea bill at the end of the month. Click here to view Idea postpaid cellular service in your circle »

Idea Prepaid Phone Service

Idea Cellular offers prepaid service for users that want to keep close track of their spending. With and Idea post paid SIM card users buy recharge and then topup their SIM card in order to talk and text. Once the recharge is used up the SIM must be topped up again before you can talk or text more. To view postpaid options in your circle click here »

International Roaming With Idea

IDEA has the widest roaming coverage with over 530 cities in India and in 80 countries around the world. Stay connected in India and around the globe with a single IDEA number. Idea international roaming extends to almost 98 Countries across 184 networks.

  • Almost 150 networks where Dual imsi sim needs to be taken while international roaming, whereas your normal sim would work in 23 countries.
  • A Dual Imsi sim card is : which will help you to make roam in rest country except those 23 countries.
  • A Dual IMSI Sim Card is exchanged with your Normal Sim Card easily at Idea InU’s or at IdeaCare free of cost, once you apply for International Roaming.
  • Dual Sim applicable countries will be update you by our customer care, you just need to inform customer care before any abroad visit.
  • Simple steps to be followed to avail & use Dual Imsi Sim card;
  • Inform IDEA Customer Care and have relevant information about the country where Dual Imsi sim is applicable.
  • Go to the nearest IDEA CARE or InU showrooms.
  • Get your normal sim replaced by a Dual imsi sim card.
  • While on International roaming you will be shown 2 options under “Idea Power” menu, which are as below:
  • Idea Power > Roaming > 1.Home 2. Roaming
  • Just select “Roaming”while on International Roaming and enjoy the service.
  • On your return to home country kindly select Idea Power > Roaming >Home.
  • Now you are back on your Home Network.

Idea Roaming Benefits

  1. Establish Direct tie-ups with GSM Networks around the world.
  2. Set up a 24X7 Customer Care and Technical support team especially catering to Roaming !dea International Roaming comes to you.
  3. Security Deposit of Rs 1500 (Refundable).
  4. A Complete STD & ISD facility in the home network and also while roaming.
  5. Monthly rental of Rs 149 only.

Activate Idea Roaming

To activate this service, visit your nearest Idea Customer Convenience Centre

  • Before going out on International Roaming, please contact our Customer Care on 12345 or+919882012345 for any queries or updated information in order to enjoy seamless coverage
  • When traveling out of Home Network, switch off  your !dea Mobile and restart it to Stay Connected
  • International traveling to USA would require a Tri-band handset
  • When Roaming in Korea and Japan, please procure a compatible handset at the Airport. Your SIM card can be used in this handset

The International Roaming  Deposit mentioned above is a standard charge. However, based on the discretion of !dea credit services, additional deposits may be payable.

Idea Prepaid Roaming

Roaming now comes pre-activated on your IDEA phone. It provides you with the most extensive cellular coverage in the country, making you accessible in over 1000 cities, towns, and highways across India and over 80 countries around the world. With the widest coverage across India and the world, roaming on IDEA is the best way to stay connected, wherever you go.

Prepaid National Roaming

With IDEA you can now make & receive calls, send & receive SMS while roaming in India.

Prepaid International Roaming

With IDEA you can now roam in 80 countries across the world. IDEA allows you to receive calls and send & receive SMS while roaming.

Idea Bill Pay

Your bill is a complete record of all activities from your cellular account during the past month. It comes to you in two parts. The smaller portion at the bottom is the payment coupon, which you enclose with your payment.

Airtime Charges

This includes the airtime charges for the current month in minutes and seconds. This also includes the minutes used in call divert.

DoT Charges

This is given in pulses and each pulse is charged at the applicable DoT rate.

Other Charges and Credits

This indicates the discount given on any plan and is indicated by a ‘-ve’ sign after the amount. This discount is usually a percentage of the airtime amount.

Roaming Charges

This shows the amount of airtime and DoT charges incurred while using National Roam (Automatic Roaming) and International Roaming facility.

Itemised Call Detail

This shows time, destination, duration and total charge for each call made or received. This is further divided
into local, STD and ISD call details, STD and ISD Call Charges. This segregates the ISD and STD calls made
during the billing period.

To avoid possible errors, kindly bring the entire page 1 of the bill with you if you pay in person, or mail the
bottom portion, while dropping it in the drop box.

Idea Cellular Bill Payments

To send your payments to us, you can either mail your cheque / draft to any of our offices or drop it in the
collection boxes that are installed at various places.

In case of any queries you may contact us at any of our offices or collection departments at 9812012345. Inability to furnish payments before due date could lead to restriction of services.

Idea Cellular Customer Service

Idea cellular provides excellent customer service to help you with all your cell phone and SIM needs. Use the links below to find the customer service option that is rite for you.

Idea Value Added Service or VAT »

Buy Idea Recharge Online

There are a few websites that sell Idea recharge online. The recharge will be sent as topup to your Idea phone very quickly. Buy Idea recharge top up with one of these online stores »

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  1. yogesh yadav says:

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    How do you use a top up voucher, how to dial for such top up

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    Can you send me airtime to my cell phone my number is 0729376325 please and how do I pay you back?

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    I am an NRi and want a new connection so that I can use the same number this year as well as during my holidays next year and subsequent years.
    I would prefer having the prepaid option.
    Also let me know in case I go on holidays abroad, how do I change to international roaming.

  7. Mudasir says:

    I have sim card from M.P.and I am in delhi . what is the procedure to recharge Idea prapaid while roaming

  8. Sharma SP says:

    Idea group is spending a lot on the publicity but does not care to provide contact nos and/or email address of local office so that problems of the customers could be readily tackled

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    Idea spending lots of money only on advertising. and do not care for customers.
    Customers using Idea and inviting problem for them self. i feel strongly tha Idea is useless as they do not care for customers.

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    My num is from hyderabad now i am at chennai. I want to know is there any ‘roaming free’ recharge card available ?

  11. shabir ahmed says:

    +917309666204 kindly stop this idea nombers costumer is used in wrongly i am humbly requsted

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    I want to prepaid recharge through internet banking. my no. 8308468997 and 8805369795.

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