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ApnaBill.com is a solution to bridge the gap between consumers and service providers by offering a user friendly service for pre-paid and post-paid utility bill payment. ApnaBill focuses on Simplicity, Safety and Smartness.

ApnaBill.com Bill Pay Operators

With ApnaBill you can pay the following company bills online.

How to Recharge with ApnaBill

Recharge in just 3 simple steps!

  1. Select a Coupon
  2. Confirm your Selection
  3. Once Paid, Simply Recharge!

Other Benefits

  • Email your Coupon Code
  • Always have a Recharge History
  • Never forget a Recharge
  • Zero (0) surcharge! 100 bucks coupon for just 100 bucks!

Contact ApnaBill

ApnaBill.com’s office is headquartered in New Delhi. You can get in contact with ApnaBill via email, regulare post mail or through an online form.

ApnaBill.com Mailing Address

C/o Four Fractions
JD – 10/B
Pitam Pura,
New Delhi – 110088

ApnaBill Email

Perhaps the easiest way to directly contact ApnaBill with your questions or comments is to email them directly at: support@apnabill.com

ApnaBill FAQ’s

Recharge Coupons

  • My recharge coupon is not working. What shall I do?
  • Though this is not supposed to happen!
    But if it does, please inform us immediately via the following means

    We shall try to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

  • How can I see my old recharge coupons?
    • Registered users can use the Recharge History
      feature to get a list of all previous coupons they bought on ApnaBill.com
    • Other users, who bought coupons while trying out ApnaBill.com will need to provide their email and a 32 digit
      Transaction ID to look up an old recharge coupon.
  • What is a Transaction ID?
  • It is a 32 digit alpha-numeric key which will be always unique for your purchase at ApnaBill.com at all times.
    You can find this ID in your invoice. We would need this ID to refer back to your coupon.

Credit Cards / Netbanking

  • Is my credit card or Net Banking information safe?
  • It is safe to transact with us.
    We do not store any such information on our servers, hence absolutely no chance of information theft.

  • What all payment methods do you support?
  • As of now, we only support payments via Net Banking.
    Support for credit cards and more banks (Net Banking)
    is in process.

  • What all banks are supported for Net Banking?
  • We support Net Banking with ICICI, HDFC, UTI, IDBI and IndusInd Bank.


  • What are the different payment options available?
  • You can buy a coupon using your credit card or directly transfer money online using netbanking.

  • What happens if I pay but cannot see my coupon code or if accidently I paid twice?
  • Please inform us via the following means

    We shall try to resolve the problem as soon as possible.
    Be assured that you will not loose any money.

Browser Support

  • What all browsers are supported?
  • We have tried and fought hard to support all possible modern day browsers. But it’s a big world out there!

    Recent versions of Firefox, Mozilla, Camino, Safari, Opera, IE7 and IE 6 are tested to work fine – though there can be
    some variations in how they display data. IE 5.5 and older browsers can cause trouble.

    We do not support text based browsers.

  • What if my browser is not working correctly?
  • TIP: Try with Firefox. It works 100% and we just love it!

    We request you to send us a screenshot of the problem via

    We shall try to fix the problem as soon as possible. We love fixing bugs for ApnaBill.com.

  • Does JavaScript need to be enabled?
  • Yes. In order to provide the best user experience, we use a lot of JavaScript. Hence, you will need to turn on
    JavaScript for correctly using ApnaBill.com

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