1. Why buy and send load?

Load is an essential part of Philippine life. Most Filipino’s run out of load several times per week as they are constantly keeping in touch and communicating with loved ones. Sending the gift of load will allow your loved one or Filipina to reach you and will show you are in touch with their needs. Load is close to the heart of most Pinoys’s and Pinays’

2. If I buy load how will they get it?

If you buy a load card you can text your PIN to your loved one so they can add load to their mobile. If you use an eload service like aryty.com it is a simple as entering the Philippine mobile number you want to send load to and pressing send. The load will be electronically added to their phone.

3. How will my loved one know who sent them load?

You can text or call your loved one to let them know you sent them load. Their carrier will text them telling them load has been added but it will not tell them who sent it. Some services send a message on your behalf to tell them you are the sender.

4. Does load expire?

Yes. Loads do expire and the period before expiration will vary based on the amount of load you send. Typically it is at least 1 week to 12 days before a load of about 100peso will expire. Please consult your load dealer for expirations with the load amount.

5. What service is best?

We only provide a review of services but you should decide what service is best. Please consider the following when you make a decision: Price, speed, if the company is a partner of the carrier in the Philippines, if the company looks like a solid company and reputable, if the website looks secure and how you can reach the load dealer. Look for things like an address or customer service number to see how to contact them if you need to reach them. It’s your money so choose carefully. Also if there is a free trial that is great.

6. What if I do not know my loved one’s carrier?

Using a good service means they should have load for all carriers. If you buy a load card you need to know the carrier of your loved one in the Philippines before buying load. Some eload service let you just tell them the number and you don’t even have to mention the carrier. This is best so you don’t waste money buying load for the wrong carrier.

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