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China Unicoms services including nationwide GSM and CDMA mobile networks, long-distance, local calling, data communication, Internet services and IP telephony in mainland China, and has operates a CDMA network in Macau. China Unicom has over 125 million GSM subscribers and 43 million CDMA subscribers. As of November 2008 the CDMA operations have been moved to China Telecom. China Unicom is ranked as the world’s third-biggest mobile provider. On 7 January, 2009, China Unicom was awarded WCDMA license to expand its business to 3G telecommunication. In July 2009, China Unicom signed a deal with infrastructure vendor Ericsson to upgrade the company’s GSM network.

Value-added Services

China Mobile offers SMS, CRBT (Color Ring Back Tone), Ruyi mailbox, MMS, caller ID, call forwarding, call waiting, call hold, multi-party calls, voice mail and many other value-added services.

China Unicom Mobile Coverage

Click here to view a map of China Unicoms mobile cell phone coverage area

Recharge Your China Mobile SIM

There are multiple options for recharging your China Unicom phone online. Here are a few options that we recomend.


China Mobile Phones

iPhone on China Unicom

China Unicom offers the iPhone on its network. China Unicom launched a 24-month contract program for the iPhone products. Binding with a two-year iPhone contract, consumers will gain preferential offers when buying iPhone products and services. Recently, China Unicom announced prices for iPhones without binding contracts, which are CNY4,999 for the iPhone 3G 8GB handset, CNY5,880 for the iPhone 3GS 16GB handset, and CNY6,999 for the iPhone 3GS 32GB handset.

New package for U-Power, 10 YUAN with 130 short messages

To meet differentiated customer needs, Unicom Beijing will present a new 10 YUAN STM package for U-Power subscribers with following details:

1. Short Text Message (STM) Package

STM package (optional)


Containing 130 STM ( 0.07/STM)

packages charge equally for STM external (outside Unicom) and internal (within Unicom)

Subscribers may appy for packages at 1013089 and follow instruction in voice box


Containing 250 STM ( 0.06/STM)


Containing 330 STM ( 0.06/STM)


Containing 500 STM ( 0.06/STM)


Containing1000 STM ( 0.05/STM)

U-Power subsribers may use free ˉ 200M cell phone mailbox’ and CRBT for identification.


New subscribers who has not selected STM package, the RMB 15/month package will be deem the default package from the second month. For any change thereof, please call 1013089 or apply at Unicom stores in Beijing. Changes will take effectiveness from the coming month.

For subscribers who selects free-in, then STM will be charged at RMB 0.10 each for within Unicom and RMB 0.15 each for outside Unicom. For subscribers who do not select free-in service, STM will be charged RMB 0.10 each either within or outside Unicom.

2. Free-in calls

Local incoming call

Local call-out (RMB/min)

DDC (excl. HK/MC/TW)

Functions free

Monthly charge (RMB)


Value (RMB)


0.2 0.2

(local call + DDD)

Caller display

totally 14 5
Baixing Shenbian

Note: for subsribers who selects free-in, then local calls will be charged at RMB 0.25/min for call out and RMB 0.10/min for call-in.

3. Family Roaming Package

Subscribers may set one province beyond Beijing (but not including HK, Macau and Taiwan) to which they frequently call as their ˉFamily Provinceˇ:

DDD RMB 0.21/min: for DDD to ˉfamily provinceˇ, local call + DDD (excluding special numbers).

Domestic roaming RMB 0.43/min: for roaming in ˉfamily provinceˇ, roaming + DDD (excluding special numbers).

Application: edit ˉQQS +district code or province name〃 and send to 1065581234, for instance, edit ¨QQS0531〃 or ¨QQSshandong〃 (both for Shandong province). Charge for ˉfamily roaming packageˇ is RMB 5.00/month, and RMB 3.00/month right now under promotion. Application takes effect in following month, and so does any cancellation.

4. Roaming in Hong Kong

Subscribers of U-Power, old or new, may have roaming service in Hong Kong without application.

U-Power subscribers soming service in Hong Kong without request.

Easy to dial, without changing SIM card!

Close service, for any communication problem, you may call 10010 to check

Cheap charges, without daily or monthly rental. See following for details:


Charge standard

Dial HK number

RMB 1.08/min

Dial numbers in mainland

RMB 3.68/min

IDD or dial number in Taiwan or Macau

RMB 1.08/min +IDD

Receiving call of Kong Kong

RMB 1.98/min

China Unicom Customer Service Locations

There are many locations that you can receive service for your China Unicom cell phone service. Click here to view that available locations »

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  1. gig says:

    if i usually have incoming call from aboard ,what package or product do you think it ‘s suitable for me?

  2. r kuamr says:

    Dear Manager
    I have one mobile sim (mobile number 13022001854) of your company china Unicom.
    But very sorry t inform you that after recharge it’s not working
    Please check and do the needful.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Mobile no 13022001854

  3. Hildagrad West says:

    Since Unicom, has been awarded the Apple I-Phone and Apple I-Pad contract.
    Will they be selling Apple Apps. on their newly developed application website?
    We see this as a huge market for them, with their current subscriber base, this could be quite profitble for them..possilbe overtaking the number 1 position in the mobile market in China.. Apps equal more trend buyers of the I-phone and I-pad…

  4. berbich says:

    dear manager i have mobile no 131 68308527 just yesterday
    recharge 300 IDD to call outside china but after 5mn calling ,the
    balance is 7rmb. i need help. best regards

  5. irfan says:

    Dear! I am in Guangzhou China this time and have my sim also. Please help me out. Thanks

  6. hans says:

    I have China Unicon sim card, recently I when to overseas, how to use international sms to China. Means to sms using China Unicon sim card from overseas to sms China mobile phones. Any international code?

  7. bankaram says:

    My mobile no. Is 13045436150 i bought this sim card 7 months ago in 100RMB and now balance is finsh so how much RMB recharge i do

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