Recharge China Phone Refill Topup

China is the top cell phone using country in the world with over 547,286,000 cell phone as of 2007 (source China has 627.26 million subscribers in total, or a 62.20% penetration rate. All these phones use a lot of minutes so recharging airtime is a big business.

China’s Mobile Cell Phone and SIM card Providers

Online Recharge Service

There are multiple websites that you can use to recharge airtime to your Chinese SIM card for your mobile phone. Here is a list of available online recharge vendors.

  1. Pandaphone


  3. Refill China SIM

  4. China Mobile Card

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  1. mylyn ramos says:

    do you have another branch were i can load my csl here in vietnam..thanks

    need your reply asap..

  2. kais says:

    better to use Alipay

  3. kais says:

    better to use Alipay to recharge your any mobile company or any credit, even you can recharge from 10rmb

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