Chikka iPhone Download

Chikka iPhone Messenger

Chikka Messanger is now available as a downloadable application for the Apple iPhone.

You can download the Chikka iPhone app here;

Chikka iPhone Download Instructions

Installing Chikka on your iPhone is fast and simple. Simple use the link above from your iPhone to download the Chikka app to your phone. Once the app is downloaded click the app icon to launch Chikka. Log in and start chatting.

Chikka Sendload iPhone App

You can also download the Chikka Sendload app at With this app you can send load from your iPhone to another Globe, Smart, or Sun phone user in the Philippines. In order to use this app to send load you will need a Chikka Wallet account. Need a Chikka Wallet? Log in here to get one;

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  1. aronld says:

    txt to cellpone

  2. jimerick says:

    hi nog c pepoy 2!

  3. Anonymous says:

    hai to oll

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