Chikka Download Instructions

Instructions on how to download Chikka Messenger application for your computer.

Now use Chikka on Mobile Phones

To learn more about using Chikka messanger on your mobile phone follow this link or visit the chikka mobile site at

Download Chikka Messenger for Windows

From the Philippines Download here

Download Chikka Messenger for Mac / Macintosh

Unfortunately there is currently no Mac software available for Chikka Messenger. Instead you can use the online version for free.

From the Philippines Click here

Download Chikka Messenger for Linux

Unfortunately there is currently no Linux software available for Chikka Messenger. Instead you can use the online version for free.

From the Philippines Click here

Use Chikka Messenger Online

From the Philippines Click here

Chikka Download System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 95/98/2000/XP/ME/NT 4.0 and above
  • Internet Connection: LAN or modem connection
  • Soundcard (optional): 8-bit or 16-bit
  • Processor: Intel Pentium processor
  • RAM: 32 MB
  • Disk Space: 8 MB
  • Internet Explorer Browsers version 4.0 and above

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    i want chika… tnx…

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    i like chika…thank you!

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    i want chika.tnx

  6. Anonymous says:

    pwd ka babe mgchat pota bengi mga 8?merry xmas and a happy
    new year mis and lab u babe

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    i want chikka

  8. rhikka says:

    phone log in

  9. rhikka says:

    thank you for having this

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    very nice!!!tnx

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  12. ryan carpio says:

    pano bng mgtxt sa phone gmit ang chikka?

  13. Nanako says:

    Please help me! I can’t find a chikka for mac. Can you give me a reliable link? Thank you in advance!

  14. jaymar says:

    hapi v-day!lu u so much miz u…mwahhh

  15. narho says:

    …i want chika….but how?…

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    hi rosaline pwede ba kita maka chat anu email u fb pls

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    tnks sa ichicka

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    mami dadi here musta k na

  21. AJ says:

    thank you for creating this program…many people will help through this

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    chikka pwede mo ba akng ma2longan?salamat

  23. cristina says:

    napakalaking tulong at matipid pa

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  25. nnn says:

    bkit parang ang hirap mag download bf chikka ngayon? but i love chikka..

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  27. chard says:

    i want to get chikka on my pc

  28. markgil catalon says:

    hi i want to download chikka messanger and im not register in your chikka messanger 20x this is my number 09495673699

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    Msta po

  31. bryan says:

    very nice

  32. rowel says:

    pano ba

  33. Tintin says:

    our company has some wall and chikka is one the web that is blocked for browsing, hope you could send me on my email an icon.exe file wherein i can readily click and install on my laptop the chikka messenger

  34. vincent trinidad says:

    wala naman

  35. vincent trinidad says:

    paano ayaw naman.

  36. capinig carolyn says:

    i want chikka messenger

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    i like this chika messenger thank you

  38. rowena says:

    bakit ganon hnd k maibalik sa pc k yung chikka messenger k.pano k b sia uli maillagay.plss kay langan k mai down load uli sa pc k yung chukka k.plss hellp meeeeeeee……..

  39. nilo says:

    gusto ko sana ang chikka pero paanu mag download

  40. julio says:

    how can retrieved my password?

  41. bryan says:

    ok very nice!

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