Mobile Phone Airtime

Mobile phone airtime is the time spent talking on the cellular telephone. Most carriers bill customers based on how many minutes of airtime they use each month. Prepaid cell phone costumers buy airtime minutes in advance of using them and then debit down their airtime minutes. Airtime charges vary based on the phone carrier and the plan the phone is using. Often prepaying for more minutes will result in cheaper airtime per minute. Likewise signing up for a mobile phone plan that has more minutes included per month will often cost less per minute of airtime.

Many countries use prepaid phones more then cellular phone contracts. Often the airtime per minute is less expensive then signing up for a contract where you have a fixed amount of airtime minutes per month.

The drawback to using prepaid airtime is that you will need to recharge or reload your phone with Airtime from time to time. This is often inconvenient. Lately cell phone providers have allowed users to add airtime minutes to their phones online. This has made using a prepaid cell phone much more attractive to the average user.

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